This morning I visited a woman in jail who found out just yesterday that she’s being let out on work release. She was excited to be getting a little more freedom, but she was anxious because she has no clothes, toiletries, or anything. She doesn’t even have a coat and she will be walking to work.

So I posted a list of things she needs in our church’s women’s Facebook group and asked people to just put stuff on my porch while I was at work today.

I only expected some second-hand clothes and some necessities, but when I got home today, I found a brand new, beautiful coat, new bath towels and washcloths, new comfy pajamas, some nice personal care items and a Kohls bag with several new outfits, notes of encouragement, and more.

I know Christians can be judgmental. After all, we’re human, too. But they can also be some of the most generous and caring people you will ever know.

Thank you, ladies, for showing kindness to a stranger who deserves it no more or less than the rest of us.