I post a lot about jail ministry, but not nearly enough about how my wonderful husband, David, supports me in it. He just spent over an hour setting up a trac phone, leaving in the middle to go get some more data and minutes for it. He’s getting really good at setting these up because it isn’t the first time he has done that for one of the women who have moved to Hamilton County Community Corrections with nothing.

When we’re picking up “just the essentials” for them at Walmart and I say, “I bet it would be nice if she also had a _______,” he never argues with me.

Since personal property must be dropped off for the residents of Work Release during business hours, when I’m in Carmel, he often makes a trip there on his lunch hour, delivering clothes, toiletries, and tomorrow, the phone he set up tonight. When we give someone a ride somewhere, he doesn’t mind taking them out to eat, too.

I thank him for setting up those phones, allowing these women to have access to GPS for walking to work and court-ordered appointments. They can receive pictures from their kids and family, and have a phone number for potential employers to contact them.

He is quiet by nature, but I know how much he does and gives and I couldn’t do it without him.