When it comes to men, what is handsome? I guess it depends on who you ask. Scan the magazine aisle at the store (if you dare) and you would see how society has come to define masculine sex appeal — ripped abs, perfectly-tailored designer suits, and the perfect amount of face stubble.

I would say “handsome” is something I can’t exactly define, but I know it when I see it, and I see it in my husband, David often.

I fell in love with David while we were dating — every time he did sweet little things like queuing up a CD in the car to “our song,” so it would play the minute he started the car. Or the time he went to multiple toy stores to find a specific Christmas gift for my parents to give to my little sister — and we weren’t even married yet! I fell deeper in love with David when I became his wife and he proved himself a wonderful, faithful partner and provider.

I feel deeper in love with David watching him become first a father and grow into the best daddy I could possibly have chosen for our daughter.

I found him incredibly handsome the day he took our 17-year-old daughter shopping for a prom dress and matching jewelry. He was drop-dead gorgeous to me as he patiently and calmly taught her to drive. Actually, he is pretty much irresistible to me every time he proves himself to be the wonderful father I know him to be.

He’s darn cute every Sunday morning when we team-teach the 2-year-old Sunday School class and he comforts a toddler who is screaming, “I want my mommy!” The kids love him, but not even close to as much as I do.

But watching him with our niece, Marley — seeing him love her so profoundly — made me fall deeper in love with him than I thought possible. He is quiet, but deep. He loves big and Marley is very blessed to have an Uncle David like that. The other day, I walked into our front room and found him sitting on the floor with our 5-year-old Marley, playing with the dollhouse. Not only is he a wonderful husband and incredible father, but he is a very special Uncle David.

Marley and Uncle David have always had a very beautiful relationship. She has loved him since she was just a tiny little girl. David was a great daddy to our daughter, Morgan, but he has been equally awesome as an uncle, especially to Marley. She frequently spent weekends with us from the time she was very young, staying over at our house. The way she looks at him always expressed a love that was sincere — she trusted him and I know that Uncle David would do anything for Marley.

Don’t Get Me Wrong

Besides measuring a man’s attractiveness on purely physical characteristics, society has also shifted toward the emasculation of men and I don’t think that is necessarily a positive change. Traditional chivalry, once hailed as a demonstration of good manners, is now considered chauvinistic. Men are encouraged to express their feelings to a degree that was once considered in poor taste and they are labeled as cold and distant if they aren’t comfortable doing so.

To me, a handsome man is one who is true to himself. It’s OK if he doesn’t cry at the end of Beaches and if he doesn’t want to talk about his feelings. And I don’t mind a bit if he holds the a door open for me or drops me off at the door when it’s raining. I might even like it.

And if he doesn’t mind sitting on the floor and playing dollhouse with his niece who absolutely adores him? Well, I find him quite handsome.


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