This is my daughter’s last week of high school.

  • After Friday, I will never have to read another PTO letter, feel bad for not being a PTO member, or endure another PTO fundraiser.
  • After Friday, I will never again have to call the attendance line to report her as sick.
  • After Friday, we will no longer get the text messages or phone calls alerting us to the low balance in her lunch account (I hope.)
  • After Friday, we will no longer care if school is delayed or canceled due to snow, fog, or a plague of locusts.
  • After Friday, we will not watch her perform in any more high school band concerts.
  • After Friday, we will not pay book rental fees (we get to BUY now…).
  • After Friday, we will never again frantically try to make it to parent meetings we didn’t know about until the last minute.
  • After Friday, we won’t get to sit in another of those parent meetings, exchanging eye rolls or text messages as “that parent” asks the 9th stupid question that has already been answered by the handout, the website, the facilitator, or common sense. (I actually might miss this…)
  • After Friday, the phrase, “balanced calendar” will only mean I haven’t overloaded a particular day with appointments or commitments.

Our girl is growing up. She will no longer be a high school student. She will be a high school graduate. After Friday.

So why am I not sad and teary-eyed? Because my daughter is doing what she is SUPPOSED to do and it means that in spite of my self-doubts and parenting mistakes, we didn’t totally fail. Sure, I’m a little sentimental over losing my “little girl,” but I’m thrilled to get to know an amazing young woman.

We were blessed to have a healthy daughter who grew to adulthood. I’m excited for the next stage of her life as our daughter and ours as parents.

Because she will ALWAYS be our daughter…even after Friday.

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