Jesus Calling

Seek God’s will and He will make a way!

This goes back to a course of events set in motion YEARS ago when a dear friend shared in a women’s Bible study group I’m in about the book, “Jesus Calling.” The book, a daily devotional, is genuinely inspired by Scripture. Every day, it somehow communicates to me exactly what I need that day. The devotions are short, but deep, and provide the Scripture references of inspiration, which gets me into the Word while I check them.

Daily, as I would read my devotion, I began to feel in my heart that we need to give a copy of this book to every lady we meet in our jail ministry. I especially like how it’s dated & I feel like it’s a way to show them, “God brought you HERE, NOW for THIS message.

However, the least expensive copy I could find at the time was still $5/each and I’d have to order 100 just to start. I can’t commit to purchase all of those books myself going forward indefinitely. I started thinking — maybe I could do a GoFundMe, or ask for sponsors — nothing felt right, though.

The feeling only got stronger and finally, one night as our ministry team prayed in the classroom before the guards brought in the inmates, I shared with the team my feelings. I asked only that they would join me in praying that God would show the way if that’s what He wants.

Later that night, after our session was over, one of our team members, Kodi, messaged “Jesus Calling’s” facebook page and explained what we were trying to do.  She admitted that she didn’t really think she would hear back.

One week later, to the day, when she was once again on her way back to the jail to meet with our team and the inmates, she received a response which communicated the author’s shared passion for this ministry. GOD IS SO GOOD! He didn’t WANT us to find a way to fund it — He wanted us to TRUST Him and He wanted to show off a little.

Because of this, we have passed out hundreds of copies of the book and lives have been forever changed — my own included.